“Be happy to eat in constant divine thought whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings”.
Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj – Babuji, Founder President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Pidhamaga Bheeshma was completely pin-holed by Arjuna’s arrows and he was on the arrow bed.
After that Gauravas also could not sustain longer in the war field. So, War came to an end. Pandavas won the war. But Bheeshma was still on the arrow bed only.
Krishna and Dharma were very much aware of Bheeshma’s wisdom. So they had taken dharma’s brothers, relatives and leaders of the army and stood before Bheeshma for clarifying all their doubts. Bheeshma advised them all for thirty days right from how a King should behave and he covered almost all the details.
After all these, Sahadeva asked a sarcastic question to Bheesma. “You speak all justice now; but all these days you were with that bad man Dhuryodhana and fought with us? Doesn’t it mean that you fought against justice? Sahadeva asked Bheeshma.
Very true my Son. The food I ate these many days remains the reason for that, said Bheeshma.
Food? asked Sahadeva
“Yes. There is a saying that Food will have its effect on senses. I was eating the food of Dhuryodhana since long time so it made me forget about justice and made me fight against justice. But now Arjuna’s arrows had made that bad blood to ooze out and cleansed me. So I had come back to Justice’s side” said Bheeshma. 

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