“In the East we occupy the house and then complete it. It must be completed from inside. That is the ancient principle, the holy principle, the spiritual principle. Nothing is complete from outside. It is a pointer to the fact that our spiritual occupancy of our heart must also be from inside. I think it also indicates quite correctly that we must begin spirituality when we are not yet spiritual, and then create a spiritual heart in ourselves, purify it sufficiently, and allow God to occupy it. And then let Him complete the job from inside.
So we never do things from outside, the real work is always from inside. This is the esoteric, spiritual principle.” 
Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Once there was a rich man who like a King in a luxurious house with a beautiful wife and two children with more than hundred people to serve. But as he was stressed for quiet few days, he went in search of wisdom.
Usually those who go in search of wisdom go by walk; but as he was rich, he started in a horse cart. He went to all the places and met intellectual people, saints and teachers and offered gold and diamonds at their feet and requested them to bless him with wisdom.
But none of them was able to help this rich man. They have told him about a yogi who was living inside the deep forest and who only could help him.
The rich man thought for a while, took a bag full of money and jewels and rode his horse inside the forest.
After a long search, he found the cave where the yogi lives. He went to the yogi, greeted him and explained him his need.
Yogi asked him, “How did you come here?”
I came in a horse, the rich man replied.
Yogi told, “Then why did you search for wisdom? Search for your horse first?”
“What Swamiji you are making fun? I already have a horse. Why should I go in search of it?” the rich man asked the yogi.
Yogi said, “In the same way wisdom is also there in you. It is useless to search for it outside. Search in you and realise what it is”.

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