Avoid Laziness

“You have to train yourself into an attitude of keeping yourself occupied because it’s so easy to slip into laziness when you have nothing to do. “Oh! I have nothing to do.” When we have something to do we say, “Oh! I have no time.” That is procrastination. We say procrastination is the thief of time, precisely because we say we have no time when we have all the time that we need. Who is the thief? We are the thieves ourselves. And please remember, ‘Babuji’ said character formation is our business. Spiritual growth, he gives. Now, procrastination, laziness, these are all parts of our makeup, our character – we should change it”.
Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Sahaj Marg

Nothing would come as such

When you avoid doing everything stating that I have enough time to do it; later we would have been passed away without doing anything atlast. Laziness should be avoided.

In a fraction of second the world would put us under its feet and stab us and walk on us. How much competition? At what speed everyone is moving? Thousands of Scientists, Sports persons, Writers, Cinema Actors, Painters are there. There exist infinite persons in each field. Is each one of them successful? One who commits oneself completely into the work and put sincere and dedicated efforts only succeeds. Hard work plays a major role in the life history of each one who have toiled so much and breathlessly worked for their success among this large ocean of people. Their lives would have been filled with more insults and image tarnishing incidences. One who wipes off those insults and raises up are admired and appreciated by the world.

Van Gough is one among the world popular painter, whose name could not be avoided while preparing the world famous painters list. Vincent Von Gough was in his last ten years of life, when he started his career vigorously after passing many years leading a miserable life, full of poverty, unable to decide his own field to pursue, health problems, mental problems.

We would not have any identity until and unless we choose our field to pursue. Success and failure are in our hands only after making the career choice. Whatever happens we have to put our effort.

Von Gough is such a personality. He painted many paintings. Though he had painted more than 2000 paintings, the world did not recognize him till his death. He made money out of selling small paintings. But if had worried for that stopped painting, he would have gone without any identity. Von Gough felt that “If the recognition and identity comes to us when we are alive we would feel happy; else no issues”. He is the best example for “Whatever happens one should never stop rendering their effort”. Nothing would come as such is the fact remains.

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