“If the idea of brotherhood, the idea of love, mutuality of the human race, comes into existence, then like the Buddha, you will say, “Not for me nirvana now. I shall wait until the last human being is liberated before I go into my place in the brighter world.” That is true generosity. That is true love. That is true dedication to the human race”. 
Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, SRCM
Sahaj Marg
A luxurious ship was wrecked half way during the sail due to heavy storm. Two men alone have rescued their life and reached a small island after great struggle. Both of them differ in their status; one being rich and other being poor. But both have become friends as they work together in same hierarchy in the same organization.
Only grassland and shrubs were there in the island. It was very hard to find food or even tree for shadow. The two men were clueless about what to do next. Finally they decided to pray God. They also thought to identify whose prayers are more powerful.
Hence both of them have decided to stay at both the banks of the island. First, they both prayed for food. Some fruits came floating towards the bank of the island where the rich man was staying. The rich man ate fruits but the poor man didn’t get anything to eat and was hungry.
The rich man who had fruits for his hunger, felt boring and wished to have a woman as his wife nearby. Surprisingly as an answer for his prayers, a small ship wrecked near that island and a woman alone rescued her life using a wooden piece and reached the bank of the island where this rich man was staying.
On seeing her beauty, the rich man fell in love with her at once and married her. The poor man on the other bank of the island was starving all alone.
Like a magic, food and clothes as prayed by the rich man had come floating to his bank alone. But his friend on the other bank of the island didn’t get anything. He was totally shattered.
The newly married couple spent the week joyfully with the fruits and food that have come to them. One whole week was spent…
Finally the rich man prayed for a boat to reach his native place. For his surprise, the boat had come the next day to that bank of the island.
On seeing the power of his prayers, the rich man did not want to call his unfortunate friend who is in the other bank of the island and was all set to start to his place with his new wife. Without knowing all these, the poor man on the other bank of the island was starving.
The rich man thought that his friend is unfit for anything as he is unable to get blessings of God; none of his prayers were answered. Already he is poor. So this selfish rich man was not ready to take his poor friend with him.
On reading this we also get anger on God. Isn’t? When the boat was ought to start, there heard a voice from the sky.
Why did you leave your friend all alone in this island? It reflected!!!
The rich man replied that “I prayed God and he blessed me with what I needed. God had not answered any of my friend’s prayers. So he is not fit to get anything”.
It again reflected saying “You are my son; I am God”!!!
Your friend who loves you very much had prayed for only one thing. I have blessed him with what he asked. If he would have not prayed for that, you would have been not blessed with all that you have now.
The rich man asked, “What did my friend pray? In what way I am grateful to him?”
It again reflected saying, “Your friend prayed that my friend is very rich and good man. He was always luxurious and never underwent any tough time in life so I pray you to fulfill all the needs and wants of my friend. It is enough for me. I am already poor and have been accustomed to such painful situations. I don’t need anything. Please fulfill my friend’s needs and wants”.
On hearing this, the selfish rich man felt embarrassed and regretted for his blunder and ran in search of his selfless friend. 

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