Make a Will
“It is really surprising that some people consider themselves to be too weak for practice, while actually they are not so. An ordinary man has within him the same power and the same soul-force that a saint has. The only difference between them is that the sage has torn off the covering round his soul while the other is just like a silkworm in the cocoon. And if one resolves firmly to throw off these coverings, no power on earth can stop him.”
Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji)
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The chubby green caterpillar rolled on the leaf, stretched out at the centre of the leaf with its hands behind its head in absolute contentment as watched the blue skies.

Suddenly there was a flash of colours and a beautiful butterfly came to the leaf and gently unfurled its legs to rest a while. The talkative caterpillar felt oddly tongue tied. Never before had it seen something so magnificent and it didn’t know what to do. Luckily the butterfly fluttered its wings and asked, “Hello little caterpillar, how are you today?” The caterpillar blushed and said, “I am doing very well indeed! And you?” The butterfly replied, “I am on top of the world!” The caterpillar was awestruck. It asked “what is the world, pretty creature?” “The world” replied the butterfly, “World is that wonderful place that you can see, smell and touch.” “Oh!” said the caterpillar, “My world is this leaf, and I am so happy to be here.” He burped happily. The butterfly looked disappointed for a moment, but said nothing. The caterpillar, unable to bear the silence, asked, “So tell me, what makes you so beautiful?” The butterfly replied, “My wings!” The caterpillar asked shyly, “Can I touch them? The butterfly proudly unfurled them and the caterpillar climbed upon it and rolled around to feel the soft, silky length of the wings. The caterpillar asked “Can you take me to see your world?” with its eyes suddenly popping with excitement. The butterfly shook its head in dismay and said, “No I can’t, my wings are enough only to carry me.” The caterpillar was moved to tears. Choking back sobs the caterpillar asked, “Is there any way I can get wings?”

Enthused butterfly said, yes, yes, you can get wings. I got my wings too! I wasn’t born with them! Unable to believe its ears the caterpillar asked, “How, tell me this moment, how? The butterfly looked the caterpillar seriously and said, you know what, I just can’t remember. All I can tell you is that I believed with all my heart that I would develop wings and one morning I had wings. Anyhow, it is getting dark. I must leave. With that the Butterfly fluttered away.

The caterpillar was deeply disappointed. What did the butterfly mean by its words, “I believed with all my heart that I would develop wings?” The caterpillar closed its eyes, rolled over and said to itself, “I believe with all my heart that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have wings.” With hope in its heart it went to sleep. The entire night it dreamt of colours, soft wings and the mysterious place called world.

When it woke up, it immediately jumped up to check its backside. Had the wings arrived? But, oh, all it could see was green and hairy behind. It couldn’t help itself. The Caterpillar immediately busted in to tears. After crying, the caterpillar just lay on his tummy. With its hands under its chin, wondering what to do to get the wings! It wanted them so badly. It wanted them more than anything else. It wanted the wings more than even wanted food, or for that matter, air also. Suddenly a thought crossed its mind, “the butterfly said that I have to believe with all my heart that it will happen. Hoping does not mean believing, is it? Hoping is just hoping, but believing is knowing, is it not? I will not hope any more. I will believe!”

That night with renewed belief, the caterpillar slept off, keeping the single sentence alive in its mind, “I believe with all my heart that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have wings.” The next morning it once again checked for the wings, but alas, no wings had arrived. It cried for the wings, but the wings didn’t come. It screamed for the wings, but the wings didn’t come. It rolled all over the leaf, but no wings at all. Exhausted, it lay on the leaf watching the sun set, suddenly a thought struck, that the sun sets every evening at an appointed time. Just because the caterpillar wanted to set early, it wouldn’t. It giggled to itself in knowledge, “The wings will come, when the wings will have to come. The butterfly had said that they come one morning. Which morning, I can’t decide that! I just have to keep believing.”

With excitement, it closed its eyes, hoping for a new tomorrow. Now, hope transformed in to belief, and desperation for the wings changed into a happy waiting for the wings to arrive. The next morning when it woke up the strangest thing had happened. The caterpillar found itself inside a dark shell and it could no longer see the skies. With no leaves to eat, it knew it must soon die. And yet, the only sentence that it kept remembering was, “I believe with all my heart that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have wings.” It was becoming extremely difficult for the caterpillar to breathe. It felt like death was just around the corner. It shut its eyes tightly and held on the last image in its mind: the beautiful butterfly with its fluttering wings.

The older butterfly, who met the caterpillar earlier, came to chat with it once again. The butterfly looked for the caterpillar on the leaf, under the leaf, besides the stalk, but it was nowhere. Dismayed, the butterfly just sat there when suddenly it saw a flutter of wings. A beautiful, large, butterfly was watching this old butterfly. It bated its eyelashes, and sighed. It was love at first sight. The old butterfly asked the young butterfly with shy, “Do I know you?” and the young butterfly replied, “I don’t remember. In fact, all I can remember about my life in a single sentence: ‘I believed with all my heart that I would get wings, strange huh’! The butterfly smiled, realization dawning upon it. With one gentle flutter of the wings, they took off. The world is waiting…

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