Excerpts from Master Chariji’s speech during Shri Babuji’s birthday, 30 April 2006, at Satkhol…
“My Master (Babuji) has said that Sahaj Marg is the path of a true warrior, and put this in one of his oft-quoted statement that, “we want lions and not sheep. One lion is worth a hundred sheep!” Bravery immunity to suffering, and the ability to walk alone are the characteristics necessary. Lions have no friends, but a true lion has his pride: a family filled with brotherhood, if it can put in that way, as well as his pride in the conventional sense. A committed abhyasi — committed to himself and none other — must not be diverted from the path by friendship, nor disappointments, nor even by supposed delay in spiritual progress. My Master has said that only Master is the true friend, in the real meaning of the word —-namely, one who will give his life if and when necessary.”
Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari – Shri Ram Chandra Mission-Sahaj Marg

There is an old story about a Lion…
There was a lioness, which was strong and young, going about in search of prey; seeing a flock of sheep and she jumped upon them. Unfortunately she died in the effort; and a little baby lion (Cub) was born, motherless. It was taken care by a sheep and the sheep brought it up, and the Cub grew up with the Sheep, ate grass and bleated like a Sheep. And although in time, it became a big full grown lion, it thought itself as a Sheep.

One day another lion came in search for prey and was astonished to find a lion in the midst of the flock of sheep, fleeing like the sheep. He tried to get near the sheep-lion, to tell that it was not a sheep but a lion; but the poor animal fled at his approach. However, he watched his opportunity and one day found the sheep-lion sleeping. He approached it and said “You are a Lion”.  “I am a Sheep” cried the other lion and could not believe the contrary but bleated.

The lion dragged him towards a water body and said, “Look, here is my reflection and yours.” Then came the comparison. It looked at the lion and then at its own reflection, and in a moment came to the idea that it was a lion. The lion roared and the bleating was gone.
The sheep-lion realized its potential and possibilities by seeing its fellow lion, believed its fellow lion and developed faith in itself. 

I was also wandering like a sheep in this mundane world and one day I came to our Master. With HIS grace and benevolence, I started living like a Lion by balancing both my materialistic and spiritual life.

“Have the courage to persue this conquest: one day you will reach the goal. Be happy to be on your way, you are among the chosen ones who have left behind them a lot of luggage”
Shri Ram Chandraji (Babuji) Founder President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission

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